Dare to Struggle
Dare to Win !


Toughen your mind.
Open your heart.
A storm is approaching,
immense beyond imagination.


last updated: 8 October 1996

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also known as Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy,
"Comrade Science" (ie: Professor Itzalzo Sympul),
and Ben Seattle

This page is ancient. You can find out about
my current work at http://struggle.net/ben.

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** supporter/member of COUSML / MLP until its demise in 1993
** informal student of information theory.


Current work:


cyberLeninism, informal communist discussion, PIX


The Digital Infrastructure of the Proletarian Revolution
and The Transition to a Communist Economy
(Feb 1994)

and the S.O.M.E.
(Self-Organizing Moneyless Economy)
(Dec 94-Nov 95)


Who do I admire (or have been influenced by) ?

Above all a student of Marx,
he led the greatest slave rebellion of the modern world.
His theoretical clarity is without rival in the twentieth century.
In the years immediately following his death, his revolution was defeated -- suffered
a slow strangulation thru a combination of external and internal pressure.
We may never know whether, had he lived, he might have led the 1917 revolution
to victory or, at least, to a more skillful and orderly retreat.
(and Engels)
Beloved champion of the proletariat and oppressed,
Marx is the deepest thinker that ever set foot upon our planet
and breathed the sweet air of this earth.
He proved the inevitability of the overthrow of capitalism.
A man of profound practical organizing ability,
one of his most quoted remarks is that the point of our activity
is not merely to understand the world--but to change it.
Mao TseTung
Brilliant leader, strategist, organizer and propagandist.
Unfortunately not a consistent Marxist
Father of us all, he led the greatest slave rebellion of the ancient world.
We are his heirs. What he started, we will finish.
Just as he taught his fellow slaves
how to wield a sword--as a weapon of war,
we will teach our fellow wage slaves
effective use of the byte--to start a fire that no force can extinguish.

and also ...

Alan Turing,
Claude Shannon
Their work, popularized by people such as Norbert Wiener
(who coined the term "cybernetics" in 1947)
laid much of the foundation for
the scientific view of the world as information.
Richard Feynman
Student of science and nature, story teller extraordinare.
While not particularly sophisticated nor progressive politically, Feynman was not impressed by bullshit and artifice in its many forms, and this contributed to his legend and the place he earned in so many hearts.
Stephen Covey
very decent systemization of the principles which must inevitably
guide effective people and organizations
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
insightful despite his charlatanism
John Bradshaw,
Wilhelm Reich,
Jim Morrison,
John Lilly
They helped to explore or popularize the profound relationship between consciousness and the unfettered flow of authentic emotions and energies between body and mind and across the boundaries separating individuals. This connection and flow of energy is obstructed by the insincere culture
of toxic shame characteristic of capitalist society.
Yet the full unleashing of the human creative potential
(and in particular--the productivity of labor)
requires that all forms of energy flow between people as freely
as electrons move between atoms in certain kinds of molecules.
my mom
Origin of my conscience, from her I learned of my connection to others.


What do I read semi-regularly ?

(I wish I had time to read these more often)
NYTimes, WSJ,
Wired, Upside,
Business Week, Economist,
Scientific American, Discover,
Boardwatch, Forbes ASAP (George Gilder)

Known for:


The revolution's answer to Maxwell Smart,
he can't organize his way out of a wet paper bag.


Will drive nearly anyone crazy.

Personal life:

girlfriend Nala gives me encouragement
and puts up with me


One last quote:

Nothing is hard in this world
if you dare to scale the heights !